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MicroTube ExtremeRange™

Power Pack - Model # MTER
Compatible with all 3M Opticom™ and Tomar StrobeCom® Systems*

The new MicroTube ExtremeRange™ is now available with integrated Magnum Power Booster™. Designed for larger apparatus, the MTER is the most powerful preemption power supply on the market. Fire apparatus and heavy rescues require greater stopping distances and need to have the intersection clear prior to approach. The new MicroTube ExtremeRange™ provides the critical, additional range to ensure that the traffic ahead yields with advanced notice. Intended for LED and low-profile lightbars, the MicroTube™ has a footprint small enough for the most space-challenged environments.

Waterproof, versatile and very affordable, the MicroTube™ will drive most any strobe. Advanced diagnostics alert the user from inside the vehicle to failure modes that include faulty strobes and insufficient vehicle supply voltage. The MicroTube’s microprocessor monitors timing, power output, device temperature, and other critical factors.

Quickly and easily installs in most lightbars, engine compartments, or any cramped space. Installation time and expense is significantly decreased by eliminating lengthy cable runs between the strobe and power supply. Installation kit is included.

RESTRICTED SALE PRODUCT: This item will only be sold to federal, state, and local governments, fire and ambulance departments, and to authorized distributors
* Opticom™ is a trademark of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC. Strobecom® is a registered trademark of Tomar Electronics, Inc.